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Hello my name is Mike Rhode, I am a mechanical engineer by trade but I have a passion for woodworking. I started woodworking when I was in middle school and continued all the way through high school. I turned it in to a business when I went back to school for my engineering degree and didn't have a normal work schedule.



At Mike Rhode Woodworking we believe in making the best quality wood product for a reasonable price. From small projects like cribbage boards and cutting boards to larger projects like dining room tables and counter tops, each project gets our full attention. We can do custom design work also, if you have something in your head that you want built get a hold of us and we will work with you on getting it designed and built the way you imagined it.



It all started with a cutting board, I made a cutting board as a thank you gift and when other people saw it they wanted one. So I started to do research and found out that quality cutting boards are expensive and I told myself I can make a better cutting board for a better price. That idea carries through all of our products, we will build you a high quality product for a reasonable price.

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