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These cups are made out of industrial grade silicone and have dividers that hold the resin separate until poured. There are 4 different cups that have different number of sections. 


3 Large Cups

  • Below is more information on each cup:

    Each cup is 3.75" in diameter at the bottom, 4.375" in diameter at the top and 4.75" tall.

    2 section (purple) - 28 fl/oz total, about 790 grams of resin

    3 section (pink) - 27 fl/oz total, about 763 grams of resin

    4 section (green) - 26 fl/oz total, about 735 grams of resin

    5 section (orange) - 24 fl/oz total, about 678 grams of resin

    Those numbers are to the top of the dividers and we do not reccomend filling it that full since you run the risk of mixing resin before you pour them.

    Mold release sprays are not required but will extend the life of the cup.

    After pouring your resin just let the cup sit and the resin to cure then gen